Consumer Protection

All Americans should be able to live and work free from unfair business practices and unwanted intrusions on their privacy. The consumer protection lawyers at Stueve Siegel Hanson have dedicated their careers to protecting these rights.

We take corporate wrongdoers to court to demand better. We leverage class actions, the most effective tools consumers have for protecting their power in the marketplace: Instead of pursuing small individual claims against powerful companies with big law firms, consumers can unite to level the playing field.

We have secured billions of dollars of relief through class actions on behalf of consumers who are fed up with lenders, phone and cable companies, credit reporting agencies, and retailers and manufacturers of every type. The firm has successfully prosecuted claims against the biggest drug companies, automakers, insurance companies and banks. And as technology and big data exploded over the last decade, Stueve Siegel Hanson kept pace with an industry-leading privacy and data breach class-action practice.

If you are a victim of an unfair business practice, a massive data breach or an unwanted corporate intrusion on your privacy, please call 1.800.714.0360 for a free case evaluation. Our current types of consumer class actions include: 

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