Financial Fraud

The average consumer participates in hundreds, maybe even thousands, of financial transactions every year. Every purchase, sale, loan or lease, every investment, monthly payment and every trip to the hospital is a deal between the consumer and another party. Usually those transactions are fair and honest deals between willing and informed parties. When they’re not fair, and the financial system is corrupted by unscrupulous actors, Stueve Siegel Hanson may be able to help.

Our consumer protection lawyers have successfully prosecuted class-action claims against a wide variety of financial services companies and other corporate wrongdoers. Among our recent recoveries:

  • $30 million from regional banks for claims alleging unfair and deceptive overdraft fee practices;
  • $24.4 million from a national tax preparation company for improper investment fees;
  • $75 million from national banks for claims relating to an investment scheme;
  • More than $2 billion in cash and death benefits for alleged life insurance overcharges.

If you believe you and other consumers are victims of unfair banking practices, credit card fraud, overbilling, Ponzi schemes or other investment frauds, or you have detected unfair fees in your accounts and bills, please call us at 1.800.714.0360 for a free case evaluation.

If you believe you have been a victim of a crime, we encourage you to contact law enforcement immediately.

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