Why Contingency?

A recent survey asked legal consumers why they might try to avoid legal solutions. More than one-third of respondents said the result wouldn’t be worth the necessary cash; another 28 percent said the total cost was too unclear. In contrast, only 9 percent said they worried about the actual outcome.

Indeed, business problems are challenging enough – entrepreneurs and executives don’t need the additional stress of unpredictable legal fees or lawyers whose interests may not align with the company’s. The traditional hourly billing system can reward attorneys more for time spent than the result achieved; cases lost slowly result in higher fees than cases won quickly. We think that’s wrong. We started this firm to work differently.

In every case, we offer a contingency fee arrangement in which our fees vary based on the result we achieve for you. This results-based fee structure means our trial lawyers have the same interests you do. Succeed for you and we succeed ourselves. Fail you and we fail ourselves. Just as you and your management are compensated for providing real value to your business, so are we.

Our business clients range from startups to world conglomerates. Since the firm’s inception in 2001, we have recovered hundreds of millions for clients in business litigation. Read what our clients say, or contact us today to learn how the contingency model could work for you.

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