Lawsuit Investigation: Travel Nursing Pay-Rate Reductions

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Lawsuit Investigation: Healthcare Staffing Agencies Traveling Nurses Bait-and-Switch Pay Practices

Stueve Siegel Hanson, a national litigation firm representing healthcare workers, is investigating potential claims against staffing agencies for taking advantage of traveling nurses by making “take-it-or-leave-it” pay-rate reductions in the middle of their contractual term. If you were victimized by this predatory practice, click here to complete a contact form

The way it works is this: staffing agencies are making firm offers to traveling nurses to work at a healthcare facility for a specified term (i.e., three months) at an agreed-upon rate of pay. Once the nurses commit (which may involve relocation, entering into short term leases, etc.), these companies are breaching or threatening to breach the agreed-to terms to renegotiate better terms for themselves—knowing the nurses no longer have viable alternatives.

Attorney Austin Moore was quoted by NBC News discussing the investigation, noting that "agencies are 'breaching their contracts' and in other cases 'committing outright fraud' through bait-and-switch maneuvers on travel nursing contracts."

Becker's Hospital Review and The Columbian quoted Moore as saying "contracts' fine print can vary, but that when a staffing agency cancels a contract at the last minute or gives a nurse one or two days to consider a lower rate, the agency is often breaching a contract — agencies should shoulder the loss when hospitals request lower rates, not the nurses."

If you had your pay reduced or contract cancelled in the middle of your assignment, please complete this form or contact with any questions.

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