Wind Creek Bethlehem Casino Accused of Violating Wage Laws


March 25, 2020 (KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI) – A class and collective action lawsuit has been filed against Wind Creek Bethlehem Casino, located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for failing to pay its tipped employees properly under federal and state wage laws.

The complaint alleges that Wind Creek Bethlehem Casino violated its tipped employees’ rights by (1) failing to inform them of the required tip credit provisions before paying them a sub-minimum base wage; and (2) deducting gaming license fees from their wages.

The lawsuit seeks to recover unpaid wages for all hourly, tipped employees who worked at Wind Creek Bethlehem Casino between March 24, 2016 and the present.

The case is Bartakovits v. Wind Creek Bethlehem, LLC, No. 5:20-CV-01602, pending in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

If you have worked at Wind Creek Bethlehem Casino between March 24, 2016 and the present, you may be eligible to participate in this lawsuit. 

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