Business Contingency Litigation

Whether it’s an issue with a supplier or customer, a competitor or a former employee, business disputes can distract from your performance, your operations and your bottom line. It’s critical to solve legal disputes as soon as possible – and to engage experienced business litigation attorneys whose objectives align with yours. The traditional hourly billing system can reward law firms more for time spent than results achieved; cases lost slowly result in higher attorney’s fees than cases won quickly.

Business owners don’t need the additional stress of unpredictable legal fees when pursuing a fair resolution or financial recovery. And facing commercial litigation against insurance companies, larger vendors, suppliers or customers can be a significant enough risk to dissuade them from pursuing business cases they could easily win on the merits.

Our Law Firm Levels the Playing Field in Commercial Litigation

Unlike most law firms, which bill for work on an hourly fee basis, Stueve Siegel Hanson offers a contingency fee arrangement in every case. What this means for you: Our litigators have the same interests you do. Our success depends on your success. Because our team of trial lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, our clients are empowered to take on larger vendors, suppliers or customers, without worrying about hourly billing. 

Companies of all sizes rely on Stueve Siegel Hanson for swift, cost-effective resolution of business litigation matters. Our experienced attorneys have represented clients of all sizes, from individuals to small businesses to international corporations in courtrooms across the country, often against the largest corporations in the world. Since the firm’s inception in 2001, we have recovered hundreds of millions for clients through our business contingency fee litigation model.

We offer practical, effective advocacy in the following primary areas of business litigation:

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