Breach of Contract

Contracts are the bedrock of commerce, but about one in 10 will be subject to a significant claim or dispute, according to the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management.

Broken contracts can lead to lost sales revenue, higher operating costs, lost employee hours and more. Business owners who want to recoup their losses – and prevent future misdeeds – rely on Stueve Siegel Hanson to advance their complex, high-dollar contract litigation.

Our firm has handled a wide range of breach of contract claims, among them:

  • Breach of implied covenants of good faith and fair dealing
  • Force majeure issues
  • Tortious interference
  • Negligent misrepresentation
  • Fraudulent inducement claims
  • Breach of trade secret, non-compete and confidentiality agreements

Contract litigation is often complex, involving nuanced issues of fact and law. We dedicate our time and attention to every detail. When contract terms are unclear or ambiguous, we doggedly pursue evidence relating to the parties’ discussion and conduct. 

This perseverance, coupled with our litigation prowess, has resulted in a track record of success for companies of all types. In one engagement, we secured a $2.58 million jury verdict in a breach of contract lawsuit against the world’s largest recreational boat manufacturer.

This result is just one example of how our contingency fee model can level the playing field in business litigation. Our results-based fee structure means we get paid only if we succeed for you. This empowers companies to take on larger vendors, suppliers or customers who have violated their business deals.

To learn more about business contingency litigation, contact us today or review Norman Siegel’s article for entrepreneurs in Thinking Bigger.

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