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Students win false advertising claim against for-profit school

By L.J. Williamson/Staff Writer

In the latest blow to the for-profit education industry, plaintiffs in a class action against a paramedic training program won summary judgment this week on their claim that it falsely advertised that students would be first in line for internship and job opportunities.

U.S. District Judge Dana M Sabraw of the Southern district of California on Monday (Oct 24, 2016) denied a breach of contract claim, but granted plaintiffs’ claims under the unfair competition law and for false advertising.   Sabraw ruled that the paramedic program misrepresented that “graduation from NCTI course will be looked upon favorably in job applications and interviews with American Medical Response” and that “[a]s NCTI is owned and operated by AMR, employment referrals are a benefit to the NCTI graduate.”

 “We are very pleased that the court recognized the plainly false nature of these representations, and found that NCTI students were misled,” said plaintiffs’ attorney Jason S. Hartley of Stueve Siegel Hanson LLP in a statement. “We now look forward to proving NCTI’s other legal violations at trial.”

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 Note: Judge Sabraw did not, in fact, deny the students’ breach of contract claim.  Instead, he allowed that claim, along with others, to proceed to trial.  

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