$1.6 Million Jury Verdict for Weld Racing


Stueve Siegel won a jury verdict for $1,589,426.13 on behalf of our client Weld Racing, Inc. against Graggs Paint Company in the Circuit Court of Jackson County of Missouri.

SSH represented Weld Racing, a high-end manufacturer of forged chrome wheels, run by a former Indy 500 racer Greg Weld. Weld historically forged all its wheels and outsourced its chrome plating, but in 1999 began to construct an in-house plating facility. Gragg's Paint Co., the defendant, recommended a lining for the metal tanks in the chrome plating line. The lining failed, resulting in significant delays in the chrome line and substantial expense relating to scrapped wheels.

Weld sued on theories of breach of express and implied warranties and negligent misrepresentation. At trial, Graggs argued that the tanks provided by Weld were in poor condition and that it disclaimed any warranties on the coating products sold to Weld. Weld countered that the tanks were in acceptable condition, that the recommended lining would have failed on perfect tanks, and that the purported disclaimer of warranties did not exist.

After a week-long trial the jury found liability on all three counts and awarded exactly what Weld requested $1,589,426.13. The case was tried by Norm Siegel, Todd Hilton and Sherry Barry.

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