Confidential Settlement Reached in Trade Secrets Lawsuit


A confidential settlement has been reached in Chubb Engineering, LLC v. USA Tank Sales and Erection Company et al. for violation of the Kansas Uniform Trade Secrets Act.

Stueve Siegel Hanson filed the lawsuit on behalf  of Chubb Engineering, LLC (a Kansas corporation) against USA Tank Sales and Erection Company and Cameron Holdings Corporation.  This action arose out of USA Tank’s alleged theft and misappropriation of Chubb Engineering’s trade secrets. 

USA Tank was one of Chubb Engineering’s customers.  In 2012, Chubb noticed a steep decline in project requests.  The reason became apparent when Chubb discovered that USA Tank had allegedly bypassed them and improperly and without permission began using Chubb Engineering’s designs and calculations as their own. Even after notification and repeated warnings to stop using Chubb Engineering’s design calculations without permission, USA Tank refused to end its misuse. 

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