Apple Credit Card Discrimination Investigation


CNBC reports that regulators have launched an investigation into whether the Apple Credit Card (issued by Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs) discriminates against women in determining credit limits and terms. Consumers allege that the Apple Credit Card algorithm contains a gender bias and provides credit limits to male card holders that are many times higher than female card holders. A spokesperson for New York’s Department of Financial services stated “DFS is troubled to learn of potential discriminatory treatment in regards to credit limit decisions reportedly made by an algorithm of Apple Card, issued by Goldman Sachs.”

If you obtained an Apple Card and believe you may have experienced discriminatory treatment, please call 816-714-7142 or contact us here.

Stueve Siegel Hanson is a leading law firm dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers and workers, including ensuring fairness and equality in lending practices. In addition to investigating Apple Card, Stueve Siegel Hanson is also investigating potentially unfair and discriminatory conduct by other companies engaged in the gender biased pricing of goods and services – a practice commonly known as the “pink tax.” If you believe you have experienced gender discrimination and paid more for goods and services (including home mortgages and auto loans) because of your sex contact us today.

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