Hoya Optical Labs Data Breach Lawsuit Investigation


Stueve Siegel Hanson, a national leader in data breach and privacy cases, is investigating potential claims against Hoya Optical Labs resulting from a data breach that exposed U.S. customers’ sensitive personal and financial information. Hoya is one of the largest companies in Japan and the largest producer of optical products.

On April 5, 2021, Hoya discovered that files on its U.S. servers had been encrypted as part of a ransomware attack. A cybercrime group called “Astro Team” stole 300 gigabytes of confidential data that included customer names, addresses, personal email addresses and telephone numbers, Social Security numbers, payroll information including financial account for direct deposit, usernames and passwords, health and medical information, personal payment card numbers, and driver’s license numbers.

After stealing the confidential data, Astro Team released it on underground websites known as the “dark web” where it can be accessed by criminal across the globe. Affected individuals are now at serious risk and should take immediate action.

If you received a notification letter informing you that your personal information was compromised in this breach, please contact attorney Austin Moore at 816.714.7105 or fill out a contact us form below.

Hoya Optical Labs Data Breach

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