Lawsuit Against H&R Block Over Phony "Compliance Fee"

Stueve Siegel Hanson has filed a class action lawsuit against H&R Block claiming the tax preparation giant unfairly charges customers a bogus "compliance fee." The suit alleges that beginning with the 2010 tax year, H&R Block began charging a "compliance fee" to its tax preparation clients ranging from $2 to $4 for each return. Clients are required to pay the compliance fee and may not choose to opt out of the fee.

H&R Block represents that the "Tax Preparer Compliance Fee consists of costs incurred by H&R Block to comply with new U.S. tax preparation registration requirements." However, the IRS does not mandate a compliance fee and does not charge any compliance fee for filing individual tax returns.

The suit seeks damages and an order compelling H&R Block to eliminate the compliance fee.

If you were charged the compliance fee by H&R Block as part of your tax preparation services and want to learn more, please contact one of our lawyers. Someone from our office will contact you.

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